girls – broken dream club

After playing in dives and holes across the globe in support of their début album Album, Girls return with more chilled out vibes. This time perhaps more of a wintery haze than a summer haze, perhaps because it’s getting colder and I find that within the music, or perhaps because the enhanced production of their new mini-album Broken Dreams Club sounds icier than its predecessor. Either way it’s the sound of a band reaching out for something much greater than they could have achieved this time last year,  as Christopher Owens of Girls remarks:

“It’s true that when you give love you will receive love and it was only because of the love that we’ve received from our fans that we have been able to drastically improve the quality of our work. This record is a letter of intent, it’s a snapshot of the horizon. We took the money we’ve made on tour and worked with the kind of equipment and musiciansthat would have been too expensive for us in the past.”

Broken Dreams Club will be released on November 22nd. Listen to Heartbreaker below:

Girls – Heartbreaker


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