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dirty beaches – lord only knows

Dirty Beaches - Lord Only Knows

With an album due out soon Dirty Beaches,  aka Alex Zhung Hai, has produced this little teaser of what can expect to come. It’s basically more of the same from 2011, with great filmic and soundscape derived songs blurring atmospheres and sounds. Dirty Beaches are more reverb heavy, sounding like Forest Swords, or as Vice mag aptly called it, like Roy Orbison waking up. It’s guitar music, with a lovely essence of dub-pop in there, while showing terrific progression away from the chillwave scene. Rather fortunately FST has managed to garner an interview with the favoured one, which you’ll be able to read shortly. But in the mean time accustom yourself to this soothing treat:

Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best

what’s that sound: the top 10 of 2010

It’s the end of 2010 and time to usher in a new era of entrancing, progressive, contemporary or retro inspired music, each slowly filling the internet with their own ideas and concepts. But, just before we look forward, let’s take a moment to reflect upon what has happened in the past year with our first ever retrospective. These tracks have ruled in both time and space, eliciting shrieks of joy and tears of happiness, guiding us through the dark hours while we search for new music, helping us find new scenes and new understandings of music, but above all, reminding us why music resounds so triumphantly in our hearts. So, let us take a trip through some of the best tracks of 2010. Continue reading