playhouse – asteroids

Playhouse - Asteroids

A big fat plug for my boys in Playhouse. Resident writer Stephen Smith and his crew have just cut their first demo since reforming as Playhouse and the sounds are almighty. Asteroids is a sleepy vision, a somnambulist’s reverie, carried with precision to the aching denouement. The beat acts as a shattering driving force, instilling a metronomic momentum that builds and descends with subtlety. It seems like a great embodiment of the atmospheric movement, of the sounds of the wind finding sanctuary in the coves of new build flats; yet it always manages to get back to that beat, so propulsive as if the handclaps themselves are elemental forces. As it finds its way out of hard-drives and web-servers it seems to have found similarities in new electronic soul movements and drone-y aesthetics. Find the band at Tumblr here. Listen to two new tracks Asteroids and Wait For It below:

Playhouse – Asteroids

Playhouse – Wait For It


boxcutter – tv troubles

Boxcutter - The Dissolve Fuck my fragile mind. Dissolve it in acid. Blur the line between death and life. Blur the line between reality and hyper-reality. I want vivid colours, a vibrating life of sensory highs , I want a world lived in dreams. Well, Boxcutter may be not be a powerful hallucinogenic, nor a timeless yogi, but he presents to me the possibility of a life lived beyond normality. Of increased aural sensitivity. TV Troubles moulds my mind like clay, you just have to let it in.

Taken from the album The Dissolve, to be released on Planet Mu, 25th April, this slice of hyper-Gamble and Huff describes vast spaces and minute moments, the Quantum Theory of electronic soul music.

memory tapes – today is our life

It’s been sometime now since Memory Tapes have been mentioned after the release of Seek Magic at the backend of 2009. However we have seen a glimpse of a second release with the airing of Today Is Our Life on the Something In Construction compilation shared by The Guardian. It’s a welcomed return of the New Jersey producer – watch the video for Today Is Our Life Below.

beans – mellow you out

Beans - Mellow You Out

Featuring TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Beans give us this: Mellow You Out. This will be taken from End It All, reported to have it’s own fair share of special guest flair, from Anticon on the 28th February. The track is a line drawn in the sand dividing Beans’ psyche-hop aesthetic with with a new, chunkier, bolder approach. And of course the introduction of Adebimpe only swells the love in my heart for this piece. In many ways he is the perfect choice to capture the necessary amount of soul needed for a Beans track. Listen to Mellow You Out below:

Beans – Mellow You Out

qosmonaut – old but gold


Shooting from a rocket straight outta Versailles, Qosmonaut has been throwing out bits of light and sound for some time now. Immersing himself heavily in the world of hip-hop as a youngster his love of beats became a staple of his musical understanding. However after seeking the requisite education in Berlin for a year, he returned a more nuanced artist. His latest mix for new French webzine Rubicon, which he kindly posted through our Soundcloud inbox, explores his learning through late disco, 70s and 80s funk and a cheeky little movement into house and old-school. Or as the French say:

Et donc afin d’inaugurer ce premier volet modestement estampillé #001, c’est le très prometteur artiste versaillais Qosmonaut qui s’y colle. Ayant baigné toute sa jeunesse dans une culture hip-hop, ce n’est qu’après un séjour berlinois d’un an, où il eut l’occasion de travailler pour les labels indépendants figurant parmi les plus prestigieux de la scène électronique actuelle (Bpitch Control et !K7), qu’il décide de se consacrer pleinement à la musique en imaginant le Qosmonaut, inspiré par ce personnage désuet mais cool qui n’existe plus depuis la disparition de sa patrie soviétique. Tout particulièrement actif sur la scène toulousaine, il créé en 2008 avec sa copine l’association microqlima et la série de soirées « La Régulière », joue avec le collectif Le Cabanon ou bien avec Les Siestes Électroniques… Et en attendant son remix pour UNL, signé sur le labelCode2 Records, ainsi que son premier EP, celui qui déjà tout petit rêvait de marcher sur la Lune nous livre ici un set surprenant mais pas vraiment dépaysant : en effet, contrairement à ses précédents mixes aux sonorités Techno / Deep-House, notre ami nous livre cette fois-ci un brutal retour en arrière comme je les aime vers la Funk des années 80 avant de transporter progressivement l’auditeur vers une House plus old-school et de conclure ce voyage en apothéose avec deux OVNI musicaux d’une rare beauté. Un savoureux retour vers le passé qui me ferait presque regretter une époque que je n’ai hélas jamais vécue.


sonic youth – simon werner a disparu

Sonic Youth have created a new mixtape – it even looks like a tape – which features old demos from earlier record Daydream Nation and a couple of songs from their upcoming record Simon Werner A Disparu. Sonic Youth started 2011 with a midnight set at Hammersmith Apollo which FST’s very own Stephen Smith reviewed for the Line of Best Fit. Hear the mixtape here.

Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot / Hey Joni (live)

times new viking – no room to live

Times New Viking have announced the release of their new album today. It’s a change of direction for the band as Dancer Equired moves to a more clear and fresh sound away from the distorted drone guitar of their previous album Born Again Revisited.

Watch lead track No Room To Live below and Dancer Equired will be released on Witicha April 25th.