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futuremix #2

Futuresoundstemporary - futuremix 2

Futuremix #2 sees Stephen Smith explore the dark and unruly world of atmospheric and psychedelic music. In it he takes you on a journey through some of the best music of the last few years that sits right on the edge of darkness. In oblivion we can master our thoughts, gather our strength and find fundamental understanding. So sit back and let the sound envelop you.


Peter’s House Music – The Mirror Has Two Faces
Blank Dogs – Northern Islands
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nil Admirari
Land Of Kush’s Egyptian Light Orchestra – Tunnel Visions
Egyptian Hip Hop – Rad Pitt (DRUGS Soviet Mix)
oOoOO – Mumbai
Pink Priest – Epic Lean (Juve Edit)
Salem – Dirt
Wet Hair – The Labor Of Love
Teeth Of The Sea – You’re Mercury
Actress – Always Human
Telefon Tel Aviv – Lengthening Shadows
Walls – Austerlitz Wide Open


futuremix 1

Futuresoundstemporary - futuremix 1

Blasting out like a rocket. Futuresoundstemporary has come of age and with their first of what no doubt will become a legendary mix series. In this first ever mix Simon Kemp (Virtual Programming) lays down a series of sublime grooves in celebration of the ephemeral beauty of fireworks.

In his own words:

“Searching the web for a suitable playlist for this years fireworks and bonfire spectacular did not yield any great results. This led me to discussing to myself why there isn’t any fireworks related mixes. For a wonderful invention that brings joy to literally everybody I know (apart from burn victims) there sure is a lack of musical reference to the lights of the sky. So I set about planning and compiling this mix. “

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