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sisterland – walking wounded

Leicester band Sisterland have recently released single Walking Wounded on label Fear and Records, they will appear on the next ArtRocker magazine compilation CD and have been named as one of Loud and Quiet’s bands of the week podcast alongside The Strokes. Futuresoundstemporary caught up with the band on the way down to Oxford in their VW for the Blessing Force music festival, which they were playing on the Sunday. Continue reading


dirty beaches

Dirty Beaches is the musical project of Alex Hungtai. He creates a musical scope that paints a picture of washed out coasts and endless romantic highways at dusk but also somehow manages to interlace some slightly unnerving feelings of restlessness in there too. It’s as if the music is constantly moving, just like the man himself. We caught up with Alex for a quick chat to discuss the road, live shows and influences.

You’ve been compared to Suicide on VICE, which is pretty cool. I think this is especially evident on track Coast to Coast. Do you think it’s a fair comparison to make?

I think its definitely fair, it is only natural for people to compare because it helps them understand something when they can’t.  It’s an honor to be compared to Suicide.  The necessity of working alone or with budget cheap equipment lead all of us out there by circumstance, and that similarity in path.  Like many others out there like me or before me, since 2005 I’ve been playing alone with tape players, ipods, drum machines as backing tracks, and it doesn’t always work out but you do your best with the cards you’ve been dealt with and blaze right through it all, good or bad.   And I think that spirit is inherited in me and other musicians of this generation.  We just do what we do.

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kid adrift – a4 in ecstasy

Kid Adrift has been receiving good praise this year having released his debut EP Oxytoncin in the summer and last week saw the release Kid Adrift’s latest single A4 in Ecstasy. FST caught up with the mastermind behind the music Iain Campbell.

Your music combines elements of rock and of electronic, and you have been compared to early Muse and Radiohead in the press. Do you think this is a fair comparison, and do you count these bands as influences?

We all grew up listening to both bands as kids, so it has influenced us definitely but I think Muse have the monopoly on augmented classical harmony at the moment! I guess if anything our new stuff will be seen as dirty pop.

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happy birthday

Interview with Kyle from Happy Birthday 26th October, The Bodega Social, Nottingham

Happy Birthday, Sub Pop, Kyle

Futuresoundstemporary were at the Happy Birthday show at the Bodega Social Club in Nottingham on Monday, and while we were there we managed to catch a short and sharp interview with Kyle from the band. Unfortunately the band were due on shortly before we conducted the interview so it was only a quick exchange, just enough for them to tell us about their music, their art and their love of Nottingham History.

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sex beet: full response

Slightly more fluent and jocular than FST’s previous attempt at gathering interesting information from a band (see Harlem); Sex Beet have provided the goods. Here we speak to guitarist and vocalist Luke Reilly about sounds, records, Hunx and His Punx and other shit we remembered to ask him. Gratefully he replied. I wouldn’t. Read on. Continue reading

harlem – short answers to long questions

While it is evidently obvious that we enjoy the globetrotting band Harlem, we also enjoy concise answers to interview questions that air a certain brevity onto the page – forthright I believe it is called – for it is orderly and spacious and among other things does not take up too much time to read. So when both things collude it is indeed a very special day for us. With that in mind I alight you to the below Q and A session between ourselves and Harlem, currently doing a short tour, with brevity may I add, of Britain: Continue reading