playhouse – asteroids

Playhouse - Asteroids

A big fat plug for my boys in Playhouse. Resident writer Stephen Smith and his crew have just cut their first demo since reforming as Playhouse and the sounds are almighty. Asteroids is a sleepy vision, a somnambulist’s reverie, carried with precision to the aching denouement. The beat acts as a shattering driving force, instilling a metronomic momentum that builds and descends with subtlety. It seems like a great embodiment of the atmospheric movement, of the sounds of the wind finding sanctuary in the coves of new build flats; yet it always manages to get back to that beat, so propulsive as if the handclaps themselves are elemental forces. As it finds its way out of hard-drives and web-servers it seems to have found similarities in new electronic soul movements and drone-y aesthetics. Find the band at Tumblr here. Listen to two new tracks Asteroids and Wait For It below:

Playhouse – Asteroids

Playhouse – Wait For It

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