women – bullfight

Women - Bullfight

Released through Faux Discx as a 7″ split with notable luminaries Cold Pumas, Fair Ohs and Friendo, Women further entrench their position as forward thinking romantics of the lo-fi generation. Bullfight builds upon what we’ve previously heard from the band, having previously released their debut Women, and 2010’s fantastic Public Strain. Working around a groove reminiscent of The Rolling Stone’s Under My Thumb, Women adopt the band’s ease of style but make it far more stoned, lapsing in to a haze of smoke and lo-fi indolence. Vocals provided by Patrick Flegel are lazily thrown out towards their sleepy audience, providing the perfect somnambulant ride for a drugged, morning listen. Hopefully rumours of a split shall pass, and we can relax once more in the ease of their reverie.

Listen to the brilliant Bullfight below:


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