kanye west – monster (kingdom’s nicki-centric edit)

Alot has been said already about the monumental rise/fall/rise of everybody’s favourite Twittering, speech crashing rap superstar Kanye West. His latest work My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy once again re-instates him as the most intriguing man in popular music, but quite interestingly most of the guest spots on the album seem to take the shine off his ever-growing and metamorphosing character. Previously FST blogged Monster is one such example with Nicki Minaj appaearing towards the end of the track with a powerful and vocally versatile storming verse. Her performance seems to highlight the successes of the album in general, sometimes revealing Kanye West as an emotionally injured man, yet still capable of crafting beautiful songs, which leaves the guests to supply power in contrasting measure. Her line “You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer” sums up her intent. More to the point, Brooklyn blog favourite Kingdom has chopped up her verse into a more DJ friendly form and allows her performance to last the breadths of 3 minutes almost creating a new song and highlighting the intensity of her original verse. A few extra drum kicks are added but most elements remain untouched and for the better. Listen below:

Or download at the website here:



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