kid adrift – a4 in ecstasy

Kid Adrift has been receiving good praise this year having released his debut EP Oxytoncin in the summer and last week saw the release Kid Adrift’s latest single A4 in Ecstasy. FST caught up with the mastermind behind the music Iain Campbell.

Your music combines elements of rock and of electronic, and you have been compared to early Muse and Radiohead in the press. Do you think this is a fair comparison, and do you count these bands as influences?

We all grew up listening to both bands as kids, so it has influenced us definitely but I think Muse have the monopoly on augmented classical harmony at the moment! I guess if anything our new stuff will be seen as dirty pop.

The video for Oxytocin is cool. It’s a pretty terrifying yet funny idea to have a Japanese girl on a murderous rampage with a Hello Kitty chainsaw. Was it all High Contrast’s idea or did you have an input into it too?

This was really exciting, Lincoln (High Contrast) had been playing Red, Green and Blue our first single on Radio 1 when he stood in for Rob da Bank. He got into our songs and literally wrote about 4 different video ideas for them just for fun, we were completely taken aback. Then Island got behind it and made it happen. We knew Lincoln had a strong vision for the video so we gave him free reign and he went Tarantino on it!

When did you start to create music?

Nico (drums) and I have played together since we were in school in our teen angst phase spending most nights chasing the latest metal bands online to see what game they had to bring. So I guess you could argue that is was back then. Although as individuals we have all been writing music in our own time way before we even began to combine our efforts together. . For the last year, since we have been working as a group, we have found a whole load of useful ways of writing more and more and bringing together all the various elements of our separate influences of when we were younger. It’s amazing to see how those personal ideas we had years ago have been completely sieved through the kid adrift machine to what they are now.

Did growing up in a remote part of Scotland inspire you to write songs?

It’s beautiful up there, I lived in a little village on the side of the Ochils hills with a castle and the most insane sunsets you’ve ever seen. The sun would set behind the hills leaving everything pitch black except the sky which would be bright red. Robert Burns the Scottish poet used to go there to write because of this phenomenon. I was pretty reclusive when I lived up in Clackmannanshire and I don’t think many people understood when I disappeared to write music. Now a lot of my friends are like “Ahh so that’s what you were up to”.

Having worked with High Contrast you must be familiar with the UK dubstep scene, do you have any favourite electronic/dubstep acts around at the moment?

When we first moved to london we met a guy named “Kulture” who is an upcoming dubstep DJ who was one of the people who first put us onto the dubstep scene. Too many late nights with that guy going further down the rabbit hole of sub bass and crazy synth sounds. I think there are so many amazing electronic music artists around at the moment – most impressively guys who bring a real emotion and heart to electronic composition. With electronic music its very easy for it to sound cold or disconnected, but there is some stunning and interesting music being made by people like Burial and Jon Hopkins for example. Then at the other end of the scale you have dubstep artists such as Akira Kiteshi and Noisia who are basically just making the heaviest music, bringing grooves and aggression the like of which we’re use to associating with Metal.

What does 2011 hold for Kid Adrift?

We’ve got an album we’re finishing off at the moment which will be out in the early part of next year. We’re locked away in our studio in london, getting serious cabin fever and creating some crazy stuff in the process. Then we’ll start touring starting with the Q Magazine party in January and Eurosonics in Holland. All 4 of us are ready to vent some pent up energy – Pete is like a caged animal. If there wasn’t keyboards in the way,  I think he might kill a man…


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