girls – thee oh so protective one

Girls - Broken Dreams Club

Girls released their new EP Broken Dreams Club on Monday. Previously we had expected an icier sound, in part due to the rise in production that seemed to effect the early taster Heartbreaker in a way in which reduced some of the hazy sheen, or perhaps as if they were reaching out to a new sound. However as the EP has unfolded it appears that the icy sound prophecy is untrue, enter Thee Oh So Protective One. Here mariachi band trumpets meet Elvis Costello style arrangements (is it just me or is Christopher Owens doing his best Costello impression too?) all centring around a vibrant, upbeat melody. It all seems quite far removed from the youthful yearnings of Lust for Life or Laura, but in this case, it’s definitely not a bad thing.

Buy the album here.


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