fixers – amsterdam


Fixers - Amsterdam

Fixers are a group from Oxford who inveigle with a sublime list of influences, from Brian Wilson and Kate Bush to the even more avant garde Arthur Russell and Steve Reich. Now, naturally this doesn’t mean the artist will be any good at all, but in this case Fixers have managed to find something that binds their music together and the result is really quite exciting. Amsterdam is vaguely Echo and the Bunnymen (in fact you can imagine Donny Darko riding in slow-motion to this one) building up on colossal drums and giant waves of synth noise, which seems to be under constant attack from piercing vocals. It’s incredibly effective modern pop, similar to Nottingham’s Hot Horizons but with somehow more artistry and a more adept use of instrumentation. Download Amsterdam, and two beautiful ambient mixes of the track from their bandcamp here.

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