bloody beach – bonanza

One of the most underground and hidden bands around are now starting to emerge. Formed in the city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway Bloody Beach have been focusing their time writing cool songs, so cool infact, that their latest track is called Bonanza, and they’re so laid back they don’t worry about playing live or getting themselves out there.

Thankfully, having recently played the warm up show for Øya Festival to a sold out crowd, Bloody Beach are looking forward to next year, which marks a new stage for the band as they release their new 7” on Tellé Records, the label known for the early releases of Royksopp, Annie, Bjørn Torske and many more. We expect great things – hear Bonanza below.

If you digg the track, Bloody Beach are currently entwined in a competition for Urørt radio. Click here, test your Norwegian and drop them a vote. They deserve it.


One response to “bloody beach – bonanza

  1. This is absolutely great!

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