futuremix 1

Futuresoundstemporary - futuremix 1

Blasting out like a rocket. Futuresoundstemporary has come of age and with their first of what no doubt will become a legendary mix series. In this first ever mix Simon Kemp (Virtual Programming) lays down a series of sublime grooves in celebration of the ephemeral beauty of fireworks.

In his own words:

“Searching the web for a suitable playlist for this years fireworks and bonfire spectacular did not yield any great results. This led me to discussing to myself why there isn’t any fireworks related mixes. For a wonderful invention that brings joy to literally everybody I know (apart from burn victims) there sure is a lack of musical reference to the lights of the sky. So I set about planning and compiling this mix. “


Justin Meyers – Both Sides

Drake – Fireworks (Deadboy’s Tearjerking Slo Mo House Edit)

Ananda Project – Fireworks

ANGO ft Katy B – Fireworks

Lazy Boy – Fireworks

North Scientific – Fireworks

The Whitest Boy Alive – Fireworks

Nobara – Fireworks

Electron Libr – Fireworks

Nobody – The Coast Is Clear (For Fireworks)

Yyppah – Playing with Fireworks

Ginormous – Night Scenes, Fireworks, The Heavens

Animal Collective – Fireworks

The Original Memphis Five – Fireworks

Elvis Costello – Indoor Fireworks

Download now on futuresoundstemporary.bandcamp.com

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