velvet davenport – warmy girls

Velvet Davenport - Warmy Girls

This is the 3rd release from Velvet Davenport with Moon Glyph marking a triumphant triumvirate that has seen the band crawling from psychedelic insanity to hallucinogenic contrivances. Previously we’ve seen the band at top form with White Blue, an album that you most sincerely should get your hands on before you pass away into the dust. Yet while we still haven’t heard Warmy Girls in its entirety, the taster Mystery Michael makes for some pretty bizarre listening.

Pre-order Warmy Girls  here.

Velvet Davenport – Mystery Michael


3 responses to “velvet davenport – warmy girls

  1. I love these guys! There is a song they did that I bum but I cant think of the name of the bliking thing now argh!

  2. It was drop, found it in the depths of my computer.

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