happy birthday

Interview with Kyle from Happy Birthday 26th October, The Bodega Social, Nottingham

Happy Birthday, Sub Pop, Kyle

Futuresoundstemporary were at the Happy Birthday show at the Bodega Social Club in Nottingham on Monday, and while we were there we managed to catch a short and sharp interview with Kyle from the band. Unfortunately the band were due on shortly before we conducted the interview so it was only a quick exchange, just enough for them to tell us about their music, their art and their love of Nottingham History.

FST: It’s kind of hard to find information about you on the internet, when you type in Happy Birthday you just get the song. Why did you name your band Happy Birthday?

Kyle: It just fitted the best. It seemed like the weirdest thing to name the band because first of all it was weird there wasn’t a band named that already, and it’s like a saying that everybody knows, a song everybody knows and it just seemed interesting, different to the other band names that we thought of.

FST: What else did you consider?

Kyle: You don’t want to know.

Happy Birthday , Sub Pop

FST: I noticed that you guys are into your artwork. Is that something that is just a hobby or do you take it as seriously as your music?

Kyle: I’ve definitely always been an artist, I do a lot of art with my brother, and also Ruth is an artist, and Chris.

FST: Ruth’s stuff is real good.

Kyle: Yeah, she did a horrible portrait of me today where I look really mean but it’s really good, it looks really real. But yeah, art is really important to me, I tend to focus more on the music because you can’t really perform artwork live… I could but it’d be a bit… weird. But I guess I’m always looking for ways to combine the two. But I think when I get older; I’ll definitely focus more on the artwork. Like I’ve always thought I’ll be an old man just oil painting…drunk.

FST: You’re on Sub Pop Records which is pretty cool. How did they approach you?

Kyle: I made another album before this one, a solo album called King Tuff, some people at the label had that album and I played one show at SXSW and they came to it because they liked the record and I was like, you should put out my new band. But props to them because they didn’t even hear it before, they just liked it.

Happy Birthday, Sub Pop

FST: They had such faith in you. Do you have a favourite fellow Sub Pop band?

Kyle: Right now? I actually like a lot of the bands. I like that Beach House album, I like No Age a lot and Male Bonding. I like a lot of the stuff they’re putting out. They kind of like a Renaissance label. I don’t know, I guess I didn’t really listen to a lot of the stuff they put out in the early 2000s.

FST: Ok well thank you, I don’t want to keep you for too long.

Kyle: That’s it?

FST: I don’t want to keep you; you have a show to play!

Kyle: What’s the interview for?

FST: A music blog called futuresoundstemporary.

Kyle: Oh cool. Do you live here?

FST: I live in Leicester, it’s like the next city.

Kyle: With the Sex Beet guys?

FST: Yeah they’re from Leicester, you toured with them right?

Kyle: We played with them in New York. I like those guys. We always tell the one guy he looks like Jodie Foster. Don’t record that!

FST: I won’t quote that, promise.

Kyle: Do you think Robin Hood is real?

FST: Yeah. I buy into that.

Kyle: We went to that old bar, it’s built into a cave, we just came from there, it was awesome. We wanted to go to Sherwood forest in search of Robin though.

FST: Thanks again.

Here are their respective blogs, and the other places that you can find their work.





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