becoming real – south london congo

Becoming Real has the honoured title of being my favourite band name of 2010. I think it says a lot, it’s a kind of philosophical mission statement, describing with intent not only the way he is going to do things, but also how his music is going to sound. It’s perfectly formulated.

Anyway I digress, Becoming Real is giving away his track South London Congo, which was featured on Tough Love Records Young & Research sampler earlier this year. I wonder if it’s inspired by that J. G Ballard idea of London submerged in a vast jungle – see The Drowned World – wrapping modern urban living in the natural world. As if the further our technologies reach the greater the wrath of Gaia. Decide yourself by listening below:


Becoming Real – South London Congo

Becoming Real are releasing an EP, Spectre, out November 15th.


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