simian mobile disco – delicacies

Throughout 2010 Simian Mobile Disco have been continually releasing techno jams on their imprint label Delicacies. The album named Delicacies collates these works together and amalgamates hard edged analogue beat structures as well as some of the more mellow, melodic aspects of techno.


1. Aspic
2. Nerve Salad
3. Casu Marzu
4. Thousand Year Egg
5. Skin Cracker
6. Hákarl
7. Sweetbread
8. Ortolan
9. Fugu

1. Sweetbread
2. Hákarl
3. Nerve Salad
4. Casu Marzu
5. Skin Cracker
6. Aspic
7. Thousand Year Egg Drumappella
8. Ortolan

Sample a Thousand Year Egg below:


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