malibu wands – c/h/d/w + dig a ditch, dig it deep

William Cody Watson (Pink Priest + more) is exploring further into the the dark unknown in a project previous investigated over two albums, Crafting and Raw Dagger, with his latest Malibu Wands effort C/H/D/W. So far we only have a taster of what’s to come, and is sounds like lashings and lashing of dark noise/drone. I think the man himself can provide a better description:

Here is a “super short teaser track from upcoming MALIBU WANDS project C/H/D/W, an upcoming cassette release, combining synth stretching, static & tape manipulation, voice dragging & deconstruction, and plenty of reverb + slightly tamed distortion. a psychedelic (noise) headtrip into weird zones. MALIBU WANDS is taking steps further into psych territory, distancing itself from the super-harsh arena. things are still dense, but less wretched feedback, more halls of fog.”

If that doesn’t quite satisfy your desire, Malibu Wands have a free album full of repetition and crashing noise to listen here. The album is download is entitled Dig a Ditch, Dig it Deep, with the following tracklisting:

1. Our Future Mirrors Our Past
2. Pissing In Mouths
3. Lone Gut, Deuce
4. Dream Swamp

1. Lollipop Lips
2. Some Fog Lives
3. Swallowed Smoke
4. Out Past Mirrors Our Future


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