blackbird blackbird // seeing suge – an overview

Blackbird Blackbird have an incredibly strong work ethic, this is undeniable. Throughout 2010 they have consistently proved themselves to be innovators, taking that perhaps overly prescribed chillwave sound and mixing it with some astro/cosmic sensuality and just a pinch of 80s flavour.

The release of their first LP Summer Hearts in the summer means we now get to float dreamily through a catalogue of their finest work as well as lots of original material. Available now for $10 from their bandcamp site, Summer Hearts is a lovely trip back in time.

Summer Hearts is streamed below:

Yesterday saw the release of Blackbird Blackbirds latest project Seeing Suge, combining forces with another of 2010s prolific re-editors Star Slinger and the Canadian based Emay. Hear the Breaking EP below featuring new tracks from all 3 artists and their collaboration and lead track Breaking.

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