bangs and works vol.1

As Planet Mu call it themselves, this record is an important document. Marking the rise from isolated, outsider music, confined to Chicago’s streets and dancefloors, to gathering a growing following within an international sphere, Bangs & Works Vol. 1 is the definitive Juke collection so-far. Released on December 6th (Planet Mu), the record features luminaries from the Ghetto house scene (Traxman, DJ Roc, DJ Spin) pushing through to current producers of the subsequent Juke scene (DJ Nate, Yung Tellem, Tha Pope) that emerged from this.

Pre-order Bangs & Works Vol 1 here.

Check out the preview below, and then listen to two samples from the mix:

DJ Nate – He Aint’ Bout It

DJ Roc – One Blood


One response to “bangs and works vol.1

  1. wicked thanx:

    Here is a link to a nice dirty south remix of “Low” by Flo Rida – refixed by The Jerk Man

    Low (Jerk refix) by thejerkman

    download for free and enjoy. Happy Xmas
    DrumCunt x

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