jamie woon – night air (ramadanman refix)

Achingly beautiful, melancholy and introspective, progressively future-facing, nostalgic and backward. All of these short descriptions perfectly wrap the alien narrative of Ramadanman’s Night Air refix. In my own opinion it just slightly edges out over Jamie Woon’s own soulful and reflexive feast by marking it with tiny scars and marks each one reflecting a new story, a new line into the past that speaks of where the track comes from and where it is going. Ramadanman adds those unique little inflections that takes an already beautiful song and fills it full of the memories of street-walkers, filling their noses with the smells of cities past on wistful nights.

Jamie Woon’s new 12″ Night Air is to be released on 4th October.

I’ll let you make your own comparison between the two:

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)

Jamie Woon – Night Air


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