aeroplane – we can’t fly

Coming off the back of numerous well-received remixes (Friendly Fires – Paris, Grace Jones – William’s Blood) Aeroplane’s We Can’t Fly has been hotly anticipated for much of the year. If you enjoyed their previous big hitters you’re probably gonna be in for a rather large surprise. The album shakes around frantically trying to find its feet in one genre or another, blending disco and funk with atmospherics and gossamer synths, including one interesting divergence into what they call ‘honky-tonk’. It comes off like a space jam with these great walls of glam-rock sound and funked up vocals. I can’t quite decide what to make of it, probably because it doesn’t quite stick to any noticable formula. Their previously released single We Can’t Fly is glorious in it’s bombastic approach, but the overshadowing weight of the glut of sounds makes me feel strangely nauseous.

Well anyway, here’s We Can’t Fly. The album is out 27th September on Wall of Sound.


3 responses to “aeroplane – we can’t fly

  1. Completely agree – saw them at Sonar and then to hear how different their sound was on the LP was a complete surprise. A pleasant one though. I reviewed the album recently if you’re interested:

  2. Know what you mean – though am hoping the cheesier moments are just them not taking themselves too seriously. Am seeing them at Koko tomorrow… will be interesting to see how wildly different that performance is from a few months back… popped some remixes on the site… any you’d care to add?

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