salem – king night

From the forthcoming release of Salem’s King Night we’ve managed to track down a trio of hits, including the title track King Night, the previously released Trapdoor and Asia, which you may recall featured in a video teaser earlier this year.

I’ve only had limited exposure to Salem’s King Night so far, but if these three tracks are anything to go by it’s going be an incredible trip. From the gothic, operatic, epic expansion of King Night to the dirty south beats of Trapdoor and finally to the blasting and gritty sound of Asia, this sounds like the fucking future. Dark, unknowing, bleak. The future as realised by only the darkest minds. The Quietus quite fittingly described it as thus: “This is Crash for confused cells: Ballard in your blood.” I’m excited. Really excited.

To be released on IAMSOUND on the 28th September. Pre-order it here.

Salem – King Night

Salem – Trapdoor

Salem – Asia

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