shine 2009 – new rules

Bringing the Balearic beats back from 1989, Shine 2009 re-imagine the past for a new post-Ibiza future. The Scandinavian duo reach back into the hallowed days of Ibiza legend, of golden beaches and halcyon dancefloors, filled with the sun-glistened skin of a thousand adventurous dance-tourists, you know, before the lads-on-tour started arriving. Their music is driven by baggy-beats but keeps a glacial, Balearic sound that yearns for the daze (sic) of acid house. Their debut Associates EP is available from the 12th September on 12″ and digital download on Expo/Cascine.

Shine 2009 – New Rules


4 responses to “shine 2009 – new rules

  1. growing to love this track, purely for that breakdown!

  2. where can i find more of this? addictive.

  3. get ready for the new rulesss.

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