pink priest/blissed out

Man I love Blissed Out, they’re just on a fucking trip. They don’t give a shit. So when Pink Priest, dark master of the synth weighs into a collaboration with them, you know it’s going to be pretty out there. Taken from William C. Watson’s (Pink Priest) blog, the next two songs are mind benders. Starting with the exploratory Ceballitos (Pink Priest’s Invocation Edit) which seems to consist of various incantations followed by ten minutes of wind, and then followed by the already known and much tripped-out to Sleep Ranger (+Blissed Out’s Lindsay-Lohan-Fuck-U Edit+), the collaborations are experimental to say the least. Pink Priest reckons more is to come, so stay put all those who are desperate for more dark magic from the team. Don’t say we don’t ever give you some weird shit.

Blissed Out – Ceballitos (Pink Priest’s Invocation Edit)

Pink Priest – Sleep Ranger (+Blissed Out’s Lindsay-Lohan-Fuck-U Edit+)


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