suffering jukebox – suffering jukecast #2

Alright, here’s the 2nd installment of the Suffering Jukebox Jukecast. Within it’s luscious folds lies many a treasure, which I’m sure most of you (especially the discerning music types) will already know, or at least have an inkling of what it might sound like. But please pay particular attention to track 6, Beyond the Shore by Former Bullies. The track features on their most recent LP Seasoned and is a loving homage to 60s garage rock. You might also remember that Former Bullies appeared on the previous Jukecast with the beautiful Planetarium. Seasoned is available here.


Gardening At Night – R.E.M.

Dance The Night Away – Colleen Green

Ginger – Lilys

Love Athena – Olivia Tremor Control

Lady Friend – The Byrds

Beyond The Shore – Former Bullies

Sparky’s Dream (BBC Session) – Teenage Fanclub

Rain Of Crystal Spires – Felt

Anytime You Want – Eric’s Trip

Jesus Was Way Cool – King Missile

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