gold panda – snow and taxis

London producer Gold Panda is set to release his forthcoming album Lucky Shiner on the 11th October via Ghostly International/No Town Recordings. From the two tracks we’ve heard Lucky Shiner follows on in a similar vein to last year’s Quitters Raga, you know, kind of Four Tet/Dam Mantle/Caribou-esque.  Gold Panda produces intensely colour saturated music, yet without the haze usually accompanied by such a process. It’s crisp and clear and beautiful like the enforced visuals of a nitrous oxide hit. Like Quitters Raga we get cut-up vocals, hypnotic beats and dreamy synthesizers. Below we’ve got the first sampler taken from the album, the mesmeric Snow & Taxis.



Vanilla Minus


Same Dream China

Snow & Taxis

Before We Talked


I’m With You But I’m Lonely

After We Talked

India Lately


Snow & Taxis by Gold Panda

Pitchfork also have You, the first single taken from the album, here.

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