mogwai – special moves

Released on 24th August, Special Moves is the live CD/DVD (plus vinyl edition) to accompany their recent virtual screening of Burning, which occurred late last month.  To get us in the mood for the release Mogwai have put out 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong as a sample track. Turn it up loud:

The tracklisting for the CD version is as follows:

I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead

Friend Of The Night

Hunted By A Freak

Mogwai Fear Satan


You Don’t Know Jesus

I Know You Are But What Am I

I Love You, I’m Going To Blow Up Your School

2 Rights Make 1 Wrong

Like Herod

Glasgow Megasnake

The vinyl edition includes:

Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home

Scotlands Shame

New Paths To Helicon Part 1


Thank You Space Expert

The Precipice

To pre-order, head here –


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