memoryhouse – mixtape

Ontario’s Memoryhouse create wintry soundscapes that rely on the relationship between the music and vocalist Denise’s cold expression. Recently on a tour through Europe they created this fantastic mixtape, entitled 1986 Summer Fire. The mix itself is an exploration through ambient electronica, chilled hip hop and acoustic sounds, featuring the likes of Brian Eno, Sylvia Chateau, Flying Lotus, Boards of Canada and more. It’s available to download here.


1. Lights on Water – Pan American

2. Fly Like a Horse – Sylvain Chauveau

3. Little Song at Little Time (Remixed by Aus) – Boats

4. Above The Flood – Library Tapes

5. Melissa Juice – Boards of Canada

6. Outside My Window – Loren Connors

7. Heaven & Hell (ft. Ghostface Killah) – Raekwon

8. Endless White – Flying Lotus

9. Chapter 12 Tokyo Stars – Tape Loop Orchestra

10. Poison Tree – Grouper

11. Harmony in Blue I – Tim Hecker

12. Erupting Light – Hildur Gudnadóttir

13. Through Hollow Lands – Brian Eno

14. Comb Jellies: Hydromedusae – Edward Williams


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