rent boys – gang love

One of the best things about writing a blog is that when you look up, as you find yourself doing from time to time, and try to map what you’ve done and what you’re doing in your head you realise the stunning and damn right strange contrasts between the different songs you write about. The previous post on futuresoundstemporary was a video of Gayngs, the love makers extraordinaire, who perform there music at 69 beats per minute, perfect for seducing and what ever comes next. So, as a wonderful contrast to American schmooze we have Leeds based band Rent Boys, who play scuzzy, lo-fi grunge and have the sort of song titles that exhibit the dirtier side of human nature – the three tracks featured are: Gang Love, ****** and Ripped Up. Today they have made their 7″ available to pre-order on Sex Is Disgusting (which I guess is also fitting). So if you want some sleaze head over to  Sex Is Disgusting and spend £3.75 on securing this dirty, dirty record.

Rent Boy’s Myspace Playlist

Tour dates:

16th July – The Corner, Manchester

17th July – Cave Club, London

14th August – Bang Bang Club/Fave Rave, Berlin

4th September – The Lexington, Islington

11th September –  Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

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