suffering jukebox

I have just found an interesting vault of sweet lo-fi tunes over on Soundcloud. Suffering Jukebox aka the record label arm of Manchester’s Mazes have recently put up a superb Jukecast, featuring none other than Mazes themselves, a double hit of Colleen Green, Milk Maid, Former Bullies and Brown Brogues. It’s a great collection of distorted, hazy pop numbers, particular favourites are the bizarre (possibly ill-advised) Blink 182 cover of M&MS and Former Bullies’ Planetarium, which features those immmortal lyrics “We’re going to chapel and we’re gonna get married”. Anyway it’s pretty weird, and you gotta admire that –

Most recently however Suffering Jukebox has released Mazes new 7″ single which includes Cenetaph and Go Betweens. Press is sparse and to track it down is a complex procedure, however FST have kindly reproduced the correlating addresses below, from which you can purchase the tracks. Of course, Suffering Jukebox are no austere, stuffy types, and so the singles are also available on Soundcloud too.

Buy it here – Suffering Jukebox


2 responses to “suffering jukebox

  1. That is a nice little podcast, do you know which artist did the Blink cover?

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