sex beet: full response

Slightly more fluent and jocular than FST’s previous attempt at gathering interesting information from a band (see Harlem); Sex Beet have provided the goods. Here we speak to guitarist and vocalist Luke Reilly about sounds, records, Hunx and His Punx and other shit we remembered to ask him. Gratefully he replied. I wouldn’t. Read on.

FST: You come from Leicester, which is fucking cool, because literally no one who comes from Leicester has ever done anything cool. Is this statement true or false? If false, examples please?

Sex Beet: That’s pretty much true, I can’t really argue with that to be honest. The only good band from Leicester before we left was The Dirty Backbeats, it’s a shame they stopped playing.

FST: How much did you enjoy your Nottingham show with Hunx and his Punk? I imagine that they are as far removed from Leicester life (and to a much lesser extent London life) as you can get. Hunx looks to me like one great raging ball of testosterone wrestling with being a truly inhuman orgy of avarice stuck rather awkwardly in a mortal’s body.

Sex Beet: Hunx was a fucking character. The first thing he asked us when we met was “what are our chances of hooking up?” He had a huge crush on our keyboard player William actually, and they email each other songs still, it’s all pretty cute. In fact our new 7″ which is getting released today has this really shit song on it, “Homopunk,” which is about Hunx.

FST: I love the dirty sound of your records, they all have this wonderful droning clatter of noise as it swims in that organ squeal; though it still manages to retain that surf pop sound. Most peculiarly that surf sound finds itself in music as incongruous as Washed Out or Best Coast, what do you think it is that binds these sounds together?

Sex Beet: I’m pretty high right now, I have literally no idea what this question even means. I have a £9.99 echo pedal, that’s why some of our songs sound a bit surfy. Maybe that’s the answer you were looking for. We never aimed to be a surf band really, but it’s not a problem. Best Coast rules BTW, I’m really looking forward to her full record.

FST: You’ve recently been touring with Strange Boys, who have risen from Austin’s garage rock scene along with Harlem, who FST recently interviewed and inspired this feature thanks to their short answers. Are Strange Boys they as strange as their name suggests?

Sex Beet: Yeah they are pretty strange, but I love them. Ever since I heard their first record they’ve been one of my favourite bands, so to have them email us asking if we would be interested in touring with them was really cool. The tour ended two days ago and I miss them already.

FST: You have a new EP coming out with The Castilians, which we are looking forward to. Whats next for Sex Beet? Anymore releases lined-up?

We’re on a few compilations coming out over summer, I can’t remember what they are though. One is on Fierce Panda which is cool though. We’re not playing too many shows for the rest of the summer, but we’re off to Sweden in a couple of weeks to play a festival, we’re pretty excited about that, our boyfriends Lovvers are playing too, also The Strange Boys, it’s going to be one hell of a party. Then in September we’re recording our first album. Then probably signing that over to a huge faceless company for $$$$$$$$$$$, so I never have to work in a mexican restaurant ever again.

FST: Peace.

All that remains is to pour rapture over their most accomodating replies and then send a round of applause around the world. Below is the superb and rather mischeviously funny video to She Don’t Surf, as well as their one remaining tour date – don’t worry we’ll let you know when more come about.

30th July – WWDIS Summer Weekend Festival , Stockholm


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