young & lost club – matures

5 years ago, two girls from London decided to set up a label before turning twenty, not wanting to leave their teenage years behind without feeling like they’d accomplished something. And so Young and Lost Club was born. It began at the tail end of 2004, with a party to launch Vincent Vincent and the Villains’ debut single Blue Boy, at the old Push Bar in Soho.

Nadia and Sara have gone on to influence the indie scene in London and create bright starts for many bands. They are big on helping out all the new bands they have loved and the bands they continue to love. In the process, they’ve got good in the art of putting out the singles that have shaped and shepherded and shaken up the scene. Also, while all that was going on, they’ve put on about a gazillion really fun club nights.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary Young & Lost Club are releasing a singles compilation, featuring 34 of their favourite tracks to come from the birth of Young and Lost Club.  You’ll have to wait until August 12th to get your hands on it, for now, have a listen below:

YALC Compilation Disc 1 by Young And Lost Club

YALC Compilation Disc 2 by Young And Lost Club


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