harlem – short answers to long questions

While it is evidently obvious that we enjoy the globetrotting band Harlem, we also enjoy concise answers to interview questions that air a certain brevity onto the page – forthright I believe it is called – for it is orderly and spacious and among other things does not take up too much time to read. So when both things collude it is indeed a very special day for us. With that in mind I alight you to the below Q and A session between ourselves and Harlem, currently doing a short tour, with brevity may I add, of Britain:

FST: Hi, how are you?

Harlem: Sniffly.

FST: With 2008’s Free Drugs Harlem we’re within a much tighter lo-fi Austin scene, as catalogued by Matador’s Casual Victim Pile compilation, now, post-Hippies, Harlem have entered a wider global scene, how have you seen the band progress since those early Austin days, personally or in terms of sound?

Harlem: I don’t have a house anymore and I get to miss hot Austin summers.

FST: Futuresoundstemporary have been to SxSw, and um, let’s say it’s pretty interesting. What’s it like living in Austin surrounded by the madness of SxSw?

Harlem: It’s only a week out of the year. The rest of the year is mostly just american football fans running around hollering and wearing ugly orange sweaters.

FST: Are you taking well to touring in the UK? Is it as interesting and quaint as you imagined or something quite different to what you expected?

Harlem: Yesterday we drove into Newcastle while a fanfarey bit of a Kinks song played on the radio and it was quaint as hell.

FST: Ariel Pink’s new album Before Today is a distinct move away from his previous lo-fi recordings into something altogether more polished. Was the recording of Hippies conscious in its choice of lo-fi sound? Was there ever the option to hit the high-production button?

Harlem: We’re not allowed to push the Ariel Pink Button until the fourth album.

FST: What are the plans for Harlem for the rest of the year?

Harlem: Lots of driving. I’m trying to start eating more candy.

And with that, concludes the short, short interview. Frankly the abridged answers made it funny as hell. So much with music journalism pompery or rock-star hyperbole. Sweet. Below are the two final dates you can catch them on, also try and get hold of Hippies too, it’s very nice.

16th June, The Corner, Manchester

17th June, Spanky Van Dykes, Nottingham


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