prize pets – new weirdos

This actually came out last week, and frankly not enough people have written about it so far – on a related note I can’t believe my colleague at FST has failed to write about in my absence, but for better or for worse I am writing about it now – Prize Pets’ New Weirdos 7″ on Sex Is Disgusting. Unfortunately the record is already sold-out on Sex Is Disgusting’s Big Cartel but perhaps you can gaze upon it longingly, one day hoping to own the disorientating magic that lies beneath. In the mean time listen to it here, or simply hold out your hands to the future and wait for one of their orgiastic live shows to pass through – I’m thinking of the lead guitarists bouyant legs as I type this.


15th June, Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds w/ Harlem

18th June, Uzak @ The Polish Club, Bradford

25th June, Liars Club @ Bodega Social Club, Nottingham w/ Ganglians

26th June, The Deaf Insitute, Manchester w/ Mazes, Milkmaid, Golden Grrrls + more

27th June, Upset the Rhythm @ Barden’s Boudoir, London w/ Ganglians


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