his clancyness – summer majestic

Here’s a tip from Weekly Tape Deck: look at him, dour and serious, cigarette in hand, backlit, rugged beard, dishevelled hair. I like to image that this is a man who tears chunks from his soul and propels them forth in dark, distorted songs. Well, I’d be almost right, his songs have a dark edge, often hiding his melody laden vocals behind layers of reverb and echo, yet they are uplifting amd driving songs with a delicate beauty imitated in the snap of the snare drum and the lifeless bass drum.

His Clancyness, the Ottawarian Jonathan Clancy, has recently released his album Always Mist on Mirror Universe Tapes, and although the song below (Summer Majestic) is not a single yet he has just posted a new video for it. Frankly I think it’s rather brilliant.


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