horse meat disco – new mix

At FST we are big fans of disco revivalists Horse Meat Disco, whose eagerly awaited new mix album is out on Strut Records on June 21st.  In anticipation of this Horse Meat Disco have crafted a special mix for The Quietus which you can listen to on Soundcloud below:

Horse Meat Disco: Quietus Mix by theQuietus


Eddie Grant – ‘Time Warp’
Laid Back – ‘White Horse’
Cyclades – ‘Fire To Desire’
Two Tons Of Fun – ‘Earth Can Be Like Heaven’
Alisabeth Jergens – ‘Hungry For Your Love’
Gino Soccio – ‘Its Alright’
Disco Circus – ‘You Should be Dancing’
Richard Hewson Orchestra – ‘Shark Bite’

We have featured the wonderful Horse Meat Disco before in a feature entitled On Disco, a sort of celebratory looking-back on the nature of disco, its origins and its beautiful rebirth; click here to peer back into the disco ball. And finally, for more information on the 2nd Horse Meat Disco album, free mp3s and videos click here.


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