othello woolf – single release

Othello Woolf has a sound similar to Prince drowned in heavy synth and groove based beats. Othello is offering us a new single and this time it’s a double A-side Deep Water / Doorstep. Othello’s first single sold out within a week so be sure to pre-order it via Young and Lost Club.

The Art of Agency kindly fills us in with some more detail…

“This classic yet contemporary pop music drives a new millennial aesthetic crafted by the cream of young London’s designers and photographers including the critically-acclaimed modern English label Casely-Hayford (designer to The Clash) and artwork shot by rising fashion photographer Tyrone Lebon (i-D, Vivienne Westwood).

To say Othello’s music is timeless would be an understatement; it gazes longingly into the past and strides confidently into the future. It’s a style surpassing contemporary genres with a boundless appreciation to music’s great movements. 2010 could well be the year that Othello Woolf becomes the figurehead for a new wave of British talent.”

Othello Woolf – Stand by anna.meacham


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