sage francis – best of times

Sage Francis is soon to release his new album Li(f)e on May 11th. Download a free track off of the forthcoming album by following this link.

Of the album title, Sage Francis tells CMU: “This is ass backwards,the album title inspired a lot of the content I decided to dedicate to this album. The concept of the title, anyway. ‘Li(f)e’ is a title that derives from a lyric of mine that states: ‘Life is just a lie with an F in it and death is definite’. The amalgamation is Li(f)e and that’s
something my fans came up with years ago. Some tattooed it on their body, some made shirts, some use it as part of their profile online, etc. It’s popularity rose to the point where it made me question why this concept in particular has drawn so many people in”.

Anyway, the album should be a bit of a mindfuck considering it was co-written with the French producer Yann Tiersen who is probably most well known for his work on the Amelie soundtrack.


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