ariel pink’s haunted graffiti – tours // tracks

The much talked about Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti have announced their plans to tour this summertime and also treat us to the tracklist for the forthcoming album Before Today due out in June on 4AD.

1. Hot Body Rub
2. L’estat (acc. to the widow’s maid)
3. Fright Night (nevermore)
4. Round and Round
5. Beverly Kills
6. Butt-House Blondies
7. Little Wig
8. Can’t Hear My Eyes
9. Reminiscences
10. Menopause Man
11. Revolutions a Lie
Tour dates
10th June – Freebutt, Brighton
11th June – The Fleece, Bristol
12th June – Spiky Van Dykes, Nottingham
13th June – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow
14th June – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
15th June – The Scala, London


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